Matsui Universal Joint Corporation

For more than 70 years. Matsui has been manufacturing drivelines and its related products. Especially in the case of universal joints, which are safety related products, we are proud of the knowledge and manufacturing technology we have accumulated throughout the years.

Matsui is known as one of the high-quality and reliable OEM suppliers of the driveline components in the industry in the foreign countries as well as in Japan. Our integrated manufacturing system that starts from product development to the finished parts makes Matsui a high value-added enterprise. Our products are being distributed into the Automotive Industry, Industrial Machinery field, leisure and other markets where driveline products are used.

Matsui Walterscheid

The name Matsui Walterscheid stands for the development and innovation of agricultural driveline systems. The designs of PTO drive shafts point the way ahead. The development and production of high-quality PTO drive shafts for use in agriculture, is part of the core competence of Matsui Walterscheid. Today, the driveshaft made by Matsui Walterscheid is composed of components with the highest quality, which can be configured in such a way that they will meet all necessary requirements perfectly. Our products are suitable for applications ranging from small, economical solutions utilised in standard applications to high-performance combinations intended for continuous use, and needed to deliver the highest possible drive power. We offer different series that are suitable for different application profiles.

Urawa Industry

Operating as the aftermarket division of Matsui Universal Joint Corporation, Urawa Industry has been established in 1987. Under the URW brand outer CV joints are manufactured, with a quality similar to OEM. This high quality is guaranteed by the computerized and robotic production line. It ensures a longer life compared to other suppliers in the market. URW is well known in the aftermarket with its wide range in outer CV joints, mainly for Asian car applications. Under the Matsuba brand universal joints are supplied in the Aftermarket. This range contains Japanese and European applications from pick-up truck to heavy equipment. URW offers” High Performance Driveshaft” specially made for the motor sport. The driveshaft is often broken during the race, because of using a genuine driveshaft. Since these cars are usually tuned, this will cause extreme forces to the genuine driveshaft, for which they were not designed. When using our "High Performance Driveshaft" these problems will be solved.

URW Europa B.V.

As subsidiary of Matsui Universal Joint Corp., URW Europa B.V. was founded in 2000. The central distribution warehouse in the Netherlands ensures rapid delivery throughout Europe of products, such as outer CV joint kits and Universal joint kits. Rebuilt products are supplied for all brands, containing following product groups:

  • Steering racks: manual, hydraulic, electronic and gearbox type.
  • Steering pumps: hydraulic and electronic.
  • Steering column: electronic
  • Driveshaft’s for Asian applications.

The rebuilding for the European market is done in the URW factory based in Nieuwegein, Holland. State-of-the-art monitoring equipment and methods ensure a consistently high quality and perfect functioning of the remanufactured product.